Survey of new entrants to the agricultural sector over the last 10 years

What was the goal?

The aim of a quantitative online survey was to find out which jobs newcomers to the agricultural sector take up, how much salary they can expect and what benefits they are offered.

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Strategic conception
Comprehensive project support
Conceptual design & programming of the questionnaire
Implementation and monitoring of the field phase of the quantitative survey
Evaluation of the data of the quantitative online survey
Interpretation and clear presentation of the results in table format
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Who is the client?

The project was commissioned by, the careers portal for the green industry.

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Who was the target group?

The target group of the study were career starters who had entered a profession in the agricultural sector within the last 10 years. These were recruited by the agri experts’ panel of farmers and readers of Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag. Almost 350 young professionals took part in the survey.

Our target groups