Methods and services

From initial consulting to strategic recommendations, we play the entire repertoire of quantitative and qualitative market research.

Our services

As a full-service provider, we offer the material you need to advance your business. We take care of your entire project – from the planning stage to implementation – or take charge of some individual steps.


agri experts conducts surveys of your target group – in written format, by telephone or in face-to-face interviews that are tailored to the specific group and your questions.

Designing the questionnaire

On the basis of concrete target definitions, we design a questionnaire that is tailored to the specific target group.

Analysis & Evaluation

The data collected are a valuable source for gaining new insights.

Recruitment & Field Phase

Depending on your needs, we recruit interview partners through our agri experts panel or the dlv media reach. We also conduct regular monitorings and updates on the progress of the fieldwork. This is naturally included in our service.


We prepare and interpret the results in a clear way and provide recommendations on the steps to take next.

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Our methods

We tap into a wide range of methodologies from all relevant areas of market research.

Target Group Research

Gain deep insights into the needs of your target group.

Market Research

We help you identify the key drivers of brand perception, so that you get more attention from your target group.

Product market research

This is the basis for instigating a product innovation process or developing an existing product.

Communication and advertising research

We show whether your advertising does reach your target group and how it addresses them.

Our target groups